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Search Engine Optimization And Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization,  SEO, Web Design, PPC, Link Building and Online PR. That’s what we do! Can your consumers find you on the Internet? 90% of them are using Search Marketing to find products and services. Yet, over 84% of all Websites are invisible to the search engines due to their architecture and formatting irregularities, inappropriate keyword phrases or the irrelevance of their on-page copy. Research clearly demonstrates that if your Website isn’t found within the top 10 to 30 search results (the first three pages), no one will find it. And if they don’t find it, not only won’t they become customers — they will find your competitors instead! Is it any wonder why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have become so mission critical? That’s where BoostYourBiz comes in!

SEO, Web Design, Paid Search, Link Building & Online PR

We’re a Dallas, Texas based professional search engine marketing firm that provides the following services: Natural Search Engine Optimization; Website Design; Paid Search / Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising; Link Building; Online PR / Traffic Generation; and Marketing Consulting. We will help you dramatically increase the quality and quantity of the prospects visiting your Website. We’re traffic generation experts that produce outstanding Internet marketing and advertising results for established and emerging brands. Our approach is comprehensive and our solutions are customized. We will enthusiastically strive to exceed your placement and traffic expectations thereby boosting your revenues and ROI’s. Your success is our top priority.

Search Engine Optimization & Website Promotion Focus

Our primary focus is on natural, organic search engine optimization (SEO) to achieve top placement for our clients. We will help you significantly increase the quality and quantity of prospects visiting your Website…often at a fraction of the cost of paid search campaigns. Imagine it; potentially three or four times the traffic to your Website at only 20% – 50% of the cost of your current pay-per-click campaign! It’s achievable and we’ve delivered it to our clients’ thousands of times.

Let’s Start Driving Some Heavy Traffic to Your Business!

First, take a FREE check of your Website’s SEO formatting by clicking here. Better yet, phone us today at 1-866-WEB-MKTG (1-866-932-6584) or register your interest on our Contact Us page. We’ll give you a complimentary, in-depth consultation analyzing your site through the “eyes” of the four major search engines…your Website’s Site Rank, Link Popularity, Number of Pages Indexed and other Search Engine Metrics. We look forward to your call!

Although our headquarters is located in the DFW metroplex in Texas, we not only serve clients from Dallas to Houston, but all across the U.S. and worldwide.

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